[tpm] Perl Mongers at work

Adam Prime adam.prime at utoronto.ca
Thu Dec 11 10:12:58 PST 2008

Olaf Alders wrote:
> Hey,
> Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  This sort of thing seems like a 
> useful (and educational) way to spend a meeting or meetings.
> http://perlbuzz.com/2008/12/perl-mongers-at-work-pdxpm-adds-warn-to-rakudo.html 

Sounds interesting to me, but who would/could lead such a thing for us? 
I've built parrot and rakudo before, and dorked around with rakudo a 
little bit, but i've never looked at the internals at all.

speaking of which, is anything going to happen (social wise) in december 
or not?  We're quickly running out of time if something is.


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