[tpm] Maybe OT: Clearing CGI values in web-based apps

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Tue Dec 2 07:57:28 PST 2008

Hi all,

   I've been stumped as to how to clear the CGI values passed in 
web-based apps.

   For example, when a user logs in, I show a short "you've logged in 
successfully" page that redirects to the main page. I had expected that 
to do it because the redirect calls the URL directly, but if I reload 
the page, it resubmits the login information. Similar after submitting 
orders and such.

   This is the kind of thing I want to prevent.

   I know it's possible as a lot of pages these days somehow prevent 
this from happening. Is this a perl-based solution or do I /shudder/ 
have to use JS? If it's JS, can I bother the list for some help or 
pointers, even if it's somewhat off-topic?



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