[tpm] How to Build a Lightning Rod

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 20:47:35 PDT 2007

'How to Build a Lightning Rod using Perl' could have been
a great talk, but despite all my best efforts I was unable
to coerce anyone into presenting anything even vaguely related
to 'lightning' during this Thursday's lightning talk session.

However as a result (or in retaliation) I was been able
to arrange the following presentations as alternatives:

Illia:           Consolidating Online Banking using Perl and AJAX
Olaf Alders:     Parsing UserAgent Strings
Olaf Alders:     URI::ParseSearchString::More
Alan Rocker:     Egg-sucking for Seniors
Eric Bower:      Interfacing to Sensors
James.Q.L:       Customized Form Error Message using Data::FormValidator
James.Q.L:       Perl Application Deployment
Michael Graham:  Use a Web-based Proxy to Foil Cybercafe Keyloggers

I hope everyone comes out for an informative...
if not entertaining... evening of Perl.
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