[tpm] Perl module question

Shaun Fryer sfryer at sourcery.ca
Fri Sep 7 13:00:28 PDT 2007

On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 02:43:08PM -0400, Richard Dice wrote:
> into these details on it because they actually come out when you read the
> perlboot link that I sent.

Probably. Haven't read it in a few years...

> > The only caveat is that you will have to state the full module
> > name as part of the function call each time, just as above. This
> > will get around having to shift off the package name, or blessed
> > instance as the case may be.
> Unless you start getting into importer/exporter stuff.  But that, as they
> say, is another story. :-)

Yeah. I figured anything involving writing to the symbol table directly
was probably a no-no at this point. ;) But for thos who're feeling ambitious,
the following is well worth a read.

Madison, here're another link that will be very useful to help get you up
and running in minimal time. http://perl.plover.com/Hello/readme.html

    Shaun Fryer

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