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On 10/26/07, Jim Graham <jim.graham at jim-graham.net> wrote:
>   -- Reddit discussion of Lua benchmarks on Parrot. This was originally a
> link to the perl6 internals mailing list with Reddit comments. Most of the
> discussion comes back to 'completeness first, optimization second'
>     http://programming.reddit.com/info/2z05a/comments/

I read that stuff, and I know of Lua (in passing where its embedded in

My comment on the Reddit discussion, (based on last night's discussion) is:
...Lua is optimized for Lua,
...Parrot is not optimized for Lua,
...Parrot is optimized for Parrot.

So I'm not surprised that Lua code running on a highly
(Lua) optimized 'system' is faster than Lua code
compiled to run on Parrot.

I would suspect there is a one to one mapping between Lua
constructs and the Lua VM, whereas the Lua on Parrot compiler
probably isn't designed with that in mind and hence isn't one to

The corollary is that Lua probably doesn't have a one to one
mapping of Perl constructs either, so that a perl compiler
written in Lua probably won't run as fast as perl on parrot.

"A screwdriver it great with screws, and can be used as a so-so chisel.
A chisel is a great chisel, and can be used as a so-so screwdriver."

Does that make screwdrivers inefficient?
Does that make chisels inefficient?

I'll leave that as a rhetorical question.
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