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Hi,  this is a newbie's question and I would like to get some advice from you:
I am using perl to develop an application. I am able to read and write through ODBC to dbf files by using dbd-odbc. The script generates the html files for user interface like tables,  input textboxes and submit buttons. when user enters new values into textboxes and press button to save, the form is submited and user's input is saved to the data file. This is done by calling a different perl script file. The screen goes blank afterwards. It would be nice to redisplay the input boxes and the buttons on the screen to let user to continue the editing.  But how to call the perl display routine from another perl script? I am thinking to reuse the perl code from the previous routine in the update routine. Is there a better way to reuse the perl codes? How?
Thanks a lot for your advice.
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