[tpm] Regex to validate (international) phone numbers

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Tue Jul 31 15:41:15 PDT 2007

Thanks Andy and Liam!

   Number::Phone was more than I needed, but the 'is_valid' function 
gave me enough of a pointer to work out something I think will work. As 
for extensions, I have a separate DB column for that.

   What I do is check for the leading '+' (as this is needed by some 
mobile GSM phones), strip off all non-digit characters, then check the 
length. Well, I check a little more than that, but ultimately it comes 
down to length. Then I can "clean up" the number to something standard 
before saving it.


   That had enough info for me to feel comfortable that I can identify 
*most* international numbers. As for "evenings only" or alternative 
numbers, info like that will have to go in the comments section. The 
number asked for is simply "preferred number" so I have *something* on 

   Thanks both!


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