[tpm] December social meeting & Perl's 20th birthday

Michael Graham magog at the-wire.com
Sat Dec 15 14:11:37 PST 2007

> I realise it's a social event, but before those attending get too
> refreshed, it might be an idea to make some plans for future talks.
> We've rather got behind the curve, and lost momentum. People need a
> reason to come out to meetings.

I agree.  I haven't had much time to be pro-active in either giving
talks or hounding people for talks.

We need more talks!  Or topics, rather.  There doesn't always have to be
someone at the front with slides - for instance, we can do theme-based
workshops where the idea is to share knowledge on a particular topic.

Since it's hard to get people to speak on Rose, Moose, etc., maybe we
can turn these into more hands-on events.

Ideas welcome!


Michael Graham <magog at the-wire.com>

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