[tpm] Job: Workflow Coordinator -- Scripting & Image Processing

Lev Piaseckyj levp at lev.ca
Tue Dec 11 19:58:20 PST 2007

A few points to clarify about Masterfile's Workflow Coordinator job:

- the job is about 60% operational, about 40% analytical, and exactly 0% "some sort of artistic thing";
- Masterfile _is_ moving to Wynford Drive in early 2008;
- "entry level" together with "compensation commensurate with experience" is a euphemism for: "we've been given a tight budget, but we understand that experience comes at a price."

Please contact me directly (off-list) for any further details.


At 4:46 PM -0500 12/11/07, arocker at vex.net wrote:
>It's not entirely clear whether it's an operational job, (making sure jobs
>get booked, done, &c), an analytical one, (to study and improve the
>process flow), or some sort of artistic thing, (fiddling with the images,
>or making sure they don't look wierd). A combination of the three would
>need a truly implausible creature.

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