[Tokyo.pm] Japan Perl Conference... かどうか?

maeda @ src.ricoh.co.jp maeda @ src.ricoh.co.jp
1999年 9月 10日 (金) 00:10:00 CDT


Simon> $B$3$N%j%9%H$K$rM=Ls$7$?$O0l:rF|$N$3$H$@$C$?!"$@$+$i$3$N<ALd$,:G6a(B
Simon> $B=P$C$FMh$?$i!"$9$s$^$;$s!#(B


Simon> $B @ hF|!"(BEfnet $B$N(B #perl$B$G(B $B$@$l$,:#G/!!(BJapan Perl Conference$B$H8@$&$3$H(B
Simon> $B$,$"$k$=$&$H8@$C$?$s$@!#K\Ev$K$=$&$G$9$+!)(B
Simon> $B!JA4$/$D$$$F$$$J$$$s$@$i!"$?$V$s=*$o$C$?$P$C$+$j(B...$B!K(B

$B:#G/$O$"$j$^$;$s!#$b$7$"$k$H$7$?$i!"MhG/!"(BOpen Source Convention
$B$NF|K\HG$NCf$K(BPerl Conference Japan$B$,3+:E$5$l$k$3$H$K$J$k$G$7$g(B

$B%V%C%/%/%i%V$NJ}$G2?$+%"%J%&%s%9$O$"$j$^$7$?$+(B? > $BF~$C$F$$$kJ}!9(B

Simon> Someone on Efnet #perl the other day said that there's going to
Simon> be a Japan Perl Conference some time this year. Is this true?

Not this year.  We did have one last year.  The next Perl
Conference in Japan would be in the year 2000 (or later).  I've
heard that O'Reilly Japan considers opening a Japanese
counterpart of the Open Source Convention in 2000, but I don't
think it's a confirmed plan.

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