[Thamesvalley-pm] PLEASE ACT/RESPOND: Tech Talks

David Pottage david at electric-spoon.com
Mon Jan 30 13:14:23 PST 2017

I cannot do tuesdays

On 29/01/2017 23:52, Neil Bowers wrote:
>> I’ve found us an option for having dedicated Perl tech talks, in 
>> Marlow. It’s the Nuance office, where we had them a year and a half 
>> ago. Or was it 2.5 years ago?
>> Anyway, the only option is a Tuesday, so I’ve set up a dudle for 
>> three Tuesdays in February:
>> https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/tvpm-feb-2017/
>> Please select which of those work for you. If enough people can make 
>> one of the nights, I’ll take up Nuance’s offer and we’ll have talks 
>> of 10-15 minutes each, and then go to a local pub afterwards.
> So far only Roger and I have filled this in. Does that mean that
>   (a) most people can’t make Tuesdays, or
>   (b) most people aren’t that interested in doing a tech talks session, or
>   (c) most people are busy finishing their tax return, and will think 
> about other things after Tuesday, or
>   (d) other (please specify :-)
> I’ll chase whoever is in Oxford tomorrow night!
> Neil
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