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Will Hawes wdhawes at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 02:28:49 PST 2017

On Fri, 23 Dec 2016 at 16:08, Neil Bowers <neil.bowers at cogendo.com> wrote:

> A few people have expressed interest in tech talks, so how about the
> following:
> We’ll do a number of mini tech talks, each 10 minutes.
> We’ll do as many as there are people wanting to do them.
> In February or March, depending on sorting out a venue, and enough people
> wanting to give one.
> Please shout if you’re happy to give one. I’m pretty sure Oliver has
> several topics he could choose between, and Roger too. I’ll give one. So
> that’s 3 already! :-)
> I've already exchanged a couple of emails with Neil off-list on the
subject of tech talks. To make other folks aware - we've recently started a
new tech meetup in Maidenhead with the aim of growing the local tech
community (https://www.meetup.com/techmaidenhead).

The theme is "interesting things people do with technology". So far we've
chatted about a range of subjects including software engineering, devops,
3D printing, IoT and augmented reality.

My background has involved a lot of Perl, and I'd like to see it included
as much as possible.

We have obtained use of a free venue in central Maidenhead with two rooms,
each with a large screen and room for up to 20 people. Close to rail
station, car parks and (perhaps crucially) pubs.

If you guys are interested in running tech talks in Maidenhead in future,
it would be great to team up. Nothing to sell here, and no agenda other
than community building. Happy to help in any way possible.
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