[Thamesvalley-pm] Module naming advice wanted

Neil Bowers neil.bowers at cogendo.com
Tue Apr 11 12:43:38 PDT 2017

> I'm thinking about turning some code I've been using a lot into a
> module for CPAN. Its basic task is to enable graphics plotting onto
> OpenStreetMap tiles: so methods will be things like "generate a bitmap
> with these lat/long boundaries" and "given this lat/long, return an
> x/y for plotting it onto the bitmap". It will rely on Imager to do the
> actual graphics manipulation.
> What should it be called?

There are already modules in Geo::Openstreetmap:: (Geo::Openstreetmap::Parser)
and Geo::OSM:: (eg have a look at Geo::OSM::MapFeatures)

I’m not familiar with openstreetmap, so this question may not make sense / be irrelevant:
Are you providing for rendering on top of existing map tiles, or drawing of map tiles from OSM data?

Maybe Geo::OSM::MapTile or ::Tile to represent a maptile, and ::Overlay or something like that for overlay functions. Or you could just provide those as methods on the [Map]Tile.

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