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	Regular Expressions (properly) - 11/08/10 - London

UKUUG & O'Reilly announces:

Understanding Regular Expressions (properly) - Tutor: Damian Conway 
Wednesday 11th August 2010 - London

This one day tutorial will introduce beginner and intermediate Perl 
programmers to the full functionality of Perl's regular expressions. 
The day focuses on the pattern-matching features in Perl 5.6 and 5.8. The 
morning session explores the principles and mechanisms underlying all Perl 
regular expressions. You will see how the highly compact syntax of Perl 
patterns controls a built-in pattern-matching "engine" and learn how to design 
and construct Perl regexes to drive that engine efficiently. We will also look 
at the four principal uses of regexes in Perl, discussing a number of uniquely 
Perlish regex idioms. By lunch time, Perl's regexes will no longer seem like a 
mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in line-noise.  
The afternoon session will look at the more advanced and powerful features of 
Perl regular expressions such as code embedding, user-defined assertions, regex 
recursion, and backtracking control. These high-end features are not covered 
in most Perl textbooks or classes, yet understanding and being able to apply 
them is essential when dealing with large, real world data sets. During class 
we will work through several everyday, yet challenging, problems in 
information processing and see how the Perl's regular expression mechanism can 
be tamed and harnessed to solve them. By the end of the day attendees should 
have the full power of Perl's regular expression at their command. 
Who should attend: Perl programmers from all disciplines who are familiar with 
the basics of Perl's control flow, string handling and simple data structures 
(scalars, arrays, hashes).

See  http://www.ukuug.org/events/regexps/  for more information and booking form
This event is organised by: UKUUG Ltd., UKUUG is the UK's Open Systems User 
Group, for people who care about open IT standards and the systems that 
implement them. UKUUG promotes education and understanding through its 
newsletter, regular briefings and conferences. It is independent of any 
industry groupings and not-for-profit. It values intelligence, thoughtfulness 
and long-term thinking rather than immediacy and froth.
O'Reilly – www.oreilly.com – publishers of the iconic 'animal books' spreads 
the knowledge of innovators through its books & services. The company has a 
long term history of advocacy, meme-making & evangelism.

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