[Thamesvalley-pm] Meeting & Talks - announce

Fred Youhanaie fly at anydata.co.uk
Wed Aug 15 23:33:01 PDT 2007

Ismail, Rafiq (IT) wrote:
> Quick announcement:
> Got the room from 11am-1pm on Saturday.

I assume this is same address/directions as last time, right?

I think I should be able to make it this time :-)

> * Adam will probably give one of his mentioned talks.
 >> * Using Perl and SAP in an Enterprise environment.
 >> * Why Templating is Evil.
 >> * Kwalitee, what is it? How do I improve mine?
> * I'm hoping to deliver a talk on HTML::Template

Sounds like we might be having the battle of the templates!
or, "Templates: Good, Bad and Evil..." :-()


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