SPUG: Confusing behaivior with exported variables

Peter Darley pdarley at kinesis-cem.com
Mon Mar 23 12:10:14 PDT 2009

Mark and Tye,


                I would have sworn that I took out the my declaration in the second module.  I’ll try removing that and see how it works.

                I usually do use strict as a default, but the first module didn’t have it so I removed it in my efforts to figure out what was going on.




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probably should 'use strict' as well. the first package doesn't declare the %Session hash, so it becomes global, and the second package scopes the %CurrentUser inside the BEGIN block. 'use strict' should point these things out.

Mark Mertel
mark.mertel at yahoo.com




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                It’s been a long time since I’ve bugged y’all with a stupid question, but I’ve got a new one so I’m hoping someone can help me out.


                The problem is with exporting variables, and having them available to both a script that uses the module exporting the variable, and the module it’s self.  I have two modules, one on a machine at work and one on a machine at home.  Both are doing something that looks super similar to me.


                At work I have: 


package Neo::Web;


use ...


use CGI qw/:standard/;

use CGI::Cookie;

use Apache::DBI;

use Apache::Session::Postgres;

use Data::Dumper;




                use Exporter   ();

                @ISA         = qw(Exporter);

                @EXPORT      = qw(%Session $SessionID 

                                                  &TieSession &UntieSession ... );





sub TieSession


                tie %Session, 'Apache::Session::Postgres', $SessionID, {Handle=>$Neo::DB::Sessions, Commit=>0};

                $SessionID = $Session{_session_id};



                The scripts using this package can get at %Session, and this module can get at %Session.  They are the same variable and have the same contents.


                At home I have:


package Darley::Supers;


use ... ;


use Data::Dumper;




                my (%CurrentUser);


        use Exporter   ();

        @ISA         = qw(Exporter);

        @EXPORT      = qw(%CurrentUser

                                  &Power &Challenge &GetUser &GetOrg &GetCity);




sub SetCurrentOrgSetting


                my (%Args) = @_;

                # Args: Setting = Setting to store

                #             Value = Value to store


                StoreOrgSetting(OrgID=>$CurrentUser{Org}{org_id}, Setting=>$Args{Setting}, Value=>$Args{Value});

                $CurrentUser{Org}{Settings}{$Args{Setting}} = $Args{Value};


                return 1;



                And the script using this module can get at %CurrentUser, but when this package uses it, it’s empty.  I can’t figure out why the exported hash is the same in the first example, but has two different values in the second.


Thanks for any help,





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