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Fri Dec 19 15:37:51 PST 2008

Experienced Perl Application Developer

Cascadia Labs [1] is seeking a seasoned Perl developer for contractor work
creating new applications and adding new features to its existing
applications used for security and URL Filtering tests. Developer must be
able to deliver real applications, not just utility or CGI scripts. We
have built automated systems and scripts to perform tasks such as test
corpus development, endpoint infection detection, automated testing, and
automated analysis.

Candidate should have the following skills:

    * Experience with building Perl applications
    * Experience with Web apps and CGI (Apache)
    * database design and SQL - we use MySQL
    * knowledge of Web, e-mail, NNTP, search engines

We are seeking someone in the Seattle area who can join us in the office
for occasional design and brainstorming sessions. We need someone who is
extremely professional, organized, and able to communicate in clear
language with business and technical people.

Expected Duration: 80-100 hours over next 4 weeks; ongoing work likely
Pay range: $40-65/hour

Please send e-mail and resume to Rob Lipschutz at rob [at] cascadialabs.com

[1] - http://www.cascadialabs.com/

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