SPUG: Perl/Bash/LabView - 8 wk contract - Redmond

SPUG Jobs jobs-noreply at seattleperl.org
Mon Aug 11 17:30:19 PDT 2008

Skill Set Requirements:

 - Intermediate to expert Perl or Bash Programmer
 - Intermediate to expert LabView Programmer
 - Experience with software build processes
 - Experience with automation for manufacturing tests
 - Experience with telnet and other standard communication interfaces

* Contract, 6-8 weeks, $40-$50/hr, via recruiter
* 1099, no restrictions
* Located in Redmond
* telecommuting possible? Possibly :-)
* company's product or service: Wireless Communication

Description of Services

The vendor will undertake the development of Perl/Bash based scripts and
LabView programming in support of the Client's test project. Specific
modules will be assigned by the project lead. The basic task descriptions
and responsibilities are as follows.

Task Description

1 Develop and debug Perl/Bash scripts to create an ISO image.
2 Develop and debug a Server Boot CD using Perl/Bash.
. Boot SuSE OS on the server
. Configure the server for network access
. Downloads the proper ISO Image to the server
. Perform the necessary configuration steps on the server.
. Communicates to the Test Computer status and progress.
3 Develop and debug LabView modules that monitor the Server progress.
4 Participate in integration of the test suite.
5 Participate in meetings to discuss development work.
6 Document development work.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested or have questions. It is
desirable that the project start date be as soon as possible.

Crescent Luhman <CrescentL at BroadPointGroup.com>

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