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Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Apr 26 22:00:45 PDT 2006

From:	Tim Maher, Consultix
  Re:	LinuxFest Northwest Presentation and Raffle

FYI, I'll be presenting excerpts from my upcoming "Perl
Programming" and "UNIX/Linux Utilities" classes at LinuxFest
Northwest this Saturday in Bellingham (see http://lfnw.org).

What's more, coupons good for a 30% discount on our May and June
courses will be raffled off, so that four people will be able to
save as much as $420 on Perl or UNIX/Linux training for the price
of a $1 raffle ticket!

Here's the blurb for my 90-minute talk, which is currently
scheduled for 2:30pm:

             Essential Utilities for UNIX/Linux Users
		      Tim Maher, Consultix

		     tim at consultix-inc.com

UNIX and Linux systems come with hundreds of useful utility programs,
and using them effectively can increase a user's efficiency and
productivity. This talk shows practical uses of the most essential
utility programs, such as: cat, ls, grep, egrep, sed, awk, sort,
head, tail, od, dd, find, xargs, touch, strings, diff, comm, and
perl. UNIX/Linux users interested in learning what can be done from
the shell's command line can benefit from attending this
presentation, which features excerpts from the workbooks of our
corporate training classes.

And here's our current class schedule:

    Consultix Class Schedule, Seattle March-July 2006*
         NAME OF                DATES   DAYS  

    Perl Programming          5/15-5/17   3
    Perl Modules, plus CGI    5/18-5/19  1.5
    Shell Programming         6/12-6/14   3
    UNIX/Linux Utilities      6/15-6/16   2

    Perl Hashes & Arrays         7/17     1
    Intermediate Perl         7/18-7/20   3
    * We can also provide on-site classes for corporate
      clients, as well as individual tutoring.

Brief descriptions of the scheduled classes are provided at:


Information on the registration process and class prices can
be found at http://www.consultix-inc.com/register.html

On-line registration is open.


Let me know if you have any questions,

-Tim Maher
P.S. For groups of 3 or more students from the same company,
     ask about "on-site" classes!


General Information:

Minimal Perl book's web site, for info and ordering:

On-Site Training:

Course Listings:
        Perl,       http://TeachMePerl.com/perllist.html
        UNIX/Shell, http://TeachMeUnix.com/unixlist.html

Class Prices and Registration:

Instructor Evaluations: http://www.consultix-inc.com/evals.html
    Course Evaluations: http://www.consultix-inc.com/course_evals.html

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|  tim at ( Consultix-Inc, TeachMePerl, or TeachMeUnix ) dot Com    |
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