SPUG: april 18 meeting followup

jerry gay jerry.gay at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 16:13:13 PDT 2006

since andy wasn't at the meeting last night, i've written up some notes below.

steve's "making perl faster" presentation was well presented, and very
well received. he gave some real-world examples of how profiling, and
benchmarking can, well, do what the title suggests. also presented
were some tips and tricks, which you can use every day.

sorry for all you folks who couldn't attend; i didn't take detailed
notes. steve said he'll try to get approval for posting the slides,
and i'm sure he'll let us know if they're made available.

we don't have a speaker lined up for next month, and are looking for a
victim. if nobody steps forward to give a long talk, perhaps we can do
some lightning talks (5 minutes each, on a very focused topic.) i
enjoy these, as they're easy to prepare, and fun to give. i'll happily
present one or even two, if there are other spuggers interested in
doing likewise.

i mentioned that i've been trying to line up speakers for the summer
months, inspired by stas's visit to seattle post-oscon last year. if
everything comes through, it looks like we'll have a good couple
months... here's the tentative plan:

~ audrey tang, creator of "pugs"
  topic: unknown, but related to perl 6
  time: late june. she may not be available on the third tuesday,
hopefully we can set a time and secure a location.

~ mark jason dominus, author of the upcoming book, "Perl Program
Repair Shop and Red Flags"
  topic: results of refactoring the code spug gave him in advance, and
lessons learned
  time: late august

and these are still really tentative, but i'll know more in the coming weeks.
~ brian d foy, author of the upcoming book, "mastering perl"
  topic: unknown
  time: unknown, possibly pre- or post-oscon

~ chromatic, technical editor at o'reilly
  topic: unknown
  time: unknown

that's all for now.

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