SPUG: mod_perl/apache questions!!

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Thu May 12 09:43:59 PDT 2005


i hope it's ok to post this here... if not, sorry!

i'm working with an Open Source app (livejournal.org) and i'm running into a
few issues. I'm trying to get a better understanding of the app, and need to
know if there's someone i can talk to about how to debug the app.

the app uses .pm files as well as .bml (which is a kind of perlish markup
language) files. my primary issue is how do i add a subroutine to the .pm
file (which seems to get intergated into apache during startup) such that i
can use the subroutine in other functions...

my understanding of perl is usually enough to figure out things, and to
solve the problems... but i'm stumped with this one...


bedouglas at earthlink.net

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