SPUG: howdy! (and i've got a question)

Charles Mauch cmauch at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 20:17:52 PDT 2005

I'm new to the list, thought I'd introduce myself and plunge in with a
quick perl question.

I'm Charles.. I'm pretty active in TACLUG down here in Tacoma, and have
been using linux and unix systems for about 10 years.  I should probably
stress the USE part though.  It's only recently that I've been trying to
cross over and writing any code with any weight beyond a few lines of bash
or perl.

Anyway, my question is this.

I'm working on a Email Filtering script that replaces my procmail recipes
wholesale.  Right now - it works, but with some caveats.  (IE, it has
bugs).  It's working enough that I'm using to handle all of my email
though.  If anybody wants to poke at it, it lives at
http://charles.mauch.name/mutt-links/audit.pl.txt for now.


One of the things that I've been trying to do is to harvest url's passing
through the script, and stuff them into a category in my firefox bookmarks.
I'm currently simply ripping out any word in the email that starts with
http:: (which seems to work pretty reliably) and I'm currently logging these
tidbits into a ascii text file.

The next step, which I started working on today was to use
Netscape::Bookmarks to manipulate an existing bookmarks file.

It doesn't seem to work as advertised.  It reports..

Can't call method "recurse" on an undefined value ...

and when I attempt to install URI::Collection, I get a similar error.  See:

Does anybody have an idea how to work around this?  I'd like to keep it
simple and continue to use perl modules where I can.  Suggestions as to
alternative methods of dealing with a bookmarks file appreciated.

Take it easy

Charles Mauch, [cmauch at gmail.com], Big Time Glue Eater
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