SPUG: Tracing back to a calling sub

Peter Darley pdarley at kinesis-cem.com
Mon Jan 24 08:34:46 PST 2005

	I'm trying to figure out if there's a way for a sub to find out what sub
called it?  The situation that I'm in is that I have a lot of generic subs,
such as one that takes a database query string and returns a hash of what
was loaded from the database.  When it fails, I just get an error from the
sub, but it's almost always a error in how I called the sub that caused
problems, and it can be hard to go back through my program and find which
sub called this sub incorrectly.
	So, basically what I want to be able to do is have something like:

sub MySub
	my (%Args) = @_;
	# Args: Query = The query to run the Lookup on

	if (! $Args{Query}) {die "A null querry was passed to MySub from


	And it would come up with something like
	"A null querry was passed to MySub from LookupUserInfo()!"

Peter Darley

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