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Or you may contact me directly (sberg at renditionnetworks.com) and I will get
your resume into the hands of the hiring manager.

We have another contract / moonlight opportunity at Rendition Networks
(www.renditionnetworks.com) that may be of interest.  We are looking at
beefing up TrueControl's scripting offering... as you may or may not know we
do configuration management on network devices, but we also offer the
ability for our customers to write scripts to modify devices - both in the
devices' native language (like IOS configuration mode or CatOS mode) and in
more generic languages like Perl and Expect.  Some examples of our canned
scripts are things like changing the banner or setting the NTP server on a
group of devices, but we want to offer better scripts out of the box.

Here's where I was hoping someone would be able to help... Are you good at
scripting and have a solid network background and would be interested in
some consulting / moonlighting work?  We're looking for both a good
scripting person as well as someone that can come up with some good (and
useful) scripting examples!!

If that's you - please drop me an email with your resume and hourly rate.



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I was contacted by a recruiter who was   looking for a Network Engineer
for a contract position. I thought there   might be some people out
there who may be interested in this   opportunity.

I have included the job description below.

The recruiter is Crystal Serrato at Volt.

Her phone number is   425-702-9000.

Good luck,

Kendal    #:-)

>Position: QA Network Engineer
>Quality assurance role that leverages candidate knowledge of   network
technologies, best practices, management systems and a broad array   of
network devices. Work with their extensive multi-vendor network lab
in the development of a multi-vendor enterprise network management
>Test all aspects of the   TrueControl network configuration control
system, including product   features/functionality, network device
support, stress and scalability

>Create scripts and tools as needed

>Act as customer advocate   and domain expert on real-world network

>Participate in the design of new product features and evaluate

>Participate in tier-1/tier-2 product support rotation as needed

>Write release notes and knowledge base cases
>Skills Needed:
>Highly motivated, high energy,   self-directed.

>Bachelors degree or higher in technical/scientific   discipline.

>Industry experience in network engineering

>Experience in Software Quality Assurance / Testing

>Strong   network device configuration skills and experience (IOS,
etc.); preferably   across multiple network device vendors (including
Cisco, Nortel, Extreme,   Foundry, Juniper, F5)

>Experience with and interest in network   management tools and

>Demonstrated ability to work   efficiently, prioritize, focus and meet

>Good   communications skills.

>Team player, able to work well with peers,   manager and other teams
>Preferred Skills
>Bachelors degree or higher in technical/scientific discipline.

>Experience with Linux or Solaris

>Experience with Windows Server 2003 / 2000

>Scripting experience (such as Perl, TCL, Expect or Python)

>Test Automation Experience

>Network certifications

>Experience administering or using a variety of large network
management systems (HP OpenView, CA Unicenter, Tivoli, Spectrum,

>Experience in support or quality assurance roles

>Knowledge and   hands on use of major networking technologies (OSPF,
BGP, EIGRP, VLAN,   VPN...); broad exposure to real-world device
>Crystal Serrato
>Technical Recruiter | Volt Services Group
>11261 Willows Road NE, Suite 200
>Redmond, WA 98052
>P:   425-702-9000 F:  425-702-0415
>TF: 1-800-253-9605

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