SPUG: More Perl in the News: Why Six Apart is buying LiveJournal

David Innes (CSG) davidinnes at chicagoscience.com
Thu Jan 6 16:13:32 CST 2005

According to a LiveJournal press release:

"Why is Six Apart buying LiveJournal? Lots of reasons: 

* Our companies are more alike than different. 
* We both use Perl. 

Link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/news/82926.html?style=mine


In a world increasingly dominated by PHP (according to my informal bookstore
shelf-space board-foot index) it's good to know that a majority of bloggers
have their heads (or at least their host software) in the right place.

		-- David Innes



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Subject: SPUG: October 9th GSLUG Meeting: Unix Apps for Doc Creation;Sound
Record & Edit Using Audacity

The October 2004 meeting of the Greater Seattle Linux Users Group (GSLUG)
will be held this Saturday, October 9th, starting promptly at 10:00 AM
on the North Seattle Community College campus.

Please feel free to forward this announcement as appropriate.


    We are confirmed to use room IB 3319.  For directions, see the meetings
    page:  http://www.gslug.org/meeting.html


The presentation topics will be:

    * 10:00am - Overview of Document Formats Available Under Unix,
		    Including an Introduction to LyX for Easy Writing

                        By Jeremy Reed

This presentation will be an overview, with examples, of standard
documentation formats available under Unix, including nroff (and the
mandoc macro), DocBook, LaTeX, and others.  Some document
processing and conversion tools will also be described.

Use of the LyX document editor for easy document creation will be
introduced.  LyX is a full-featured graphical front-end for LaTeX, and
can be used to generate books, articles, reports, etc.  The presentation
will cover some of the standard uses of LyX, its common features,
how to get started using it, and examples of the generation of
ready-to-print documents.

The audience will be encouraged to share their experiences and advice
with document generation under Unix.

	Jeremy C. Reed's Bio:

    Jeremy is a journalist, Unix instructor and consultant (for Puget Sound
    Technology), and open source advocate.




    * 11:15am - Audacity

       By Matt Brubeck

Audacity is a free (GPL) audio recorder and multi-track sound editor.
Audacity is built on the cross-platform wxWidgets framework, and is
available for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. It is designed for ease of
use, and efficient editing of large files with unlimited undo.

Presentation topics include:

    * Introduction to Audacity, with demonstrations of recording,
       mixing, and editing.

    * The developer's view: under the hood of Audacity.

    * Experiences with cross-platform development.

    * Legal hurdles, including licensing, MP3 patent issues, and
       trademark issues.

    * Preview of recent developments in Audacity CVS.

The Audacity web site: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

	Matt Brubeck's Bio:

    Matt Brubeck is one of the maintainers of the free (GPL) Audacity
    sound editor for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. He also maintains
    the Debian package of Audacity, and is currently in the Debian
    "New Maintainer" process.



    The typical GSLUG meeting agenda is as follows:

       10:00 AM       First Presentation

       11:00 AM       Break

       11:10 AM       Raffle Quiz

       11:15 AM       Second Presentation

       12:15 PM       Break

       12:30 PM       Raffle prizes giveaway

       12:35 PM       GSLUG announcements and business, including
                            discussion of potential future presentation

                	        Announcements from attendees

                	        Requests for assistance with
trouble-shooting and
                            installations desired during the ensuing
                            Workshop session

       1:00 PM-ish    Formal meeting is adjourned; Workshop and
                             social networking opportunities begin,

                * Installation and trouble-shooting assistance

                   For recommendations on preparations to maximize the
                   probability of a successful outcome, it is recommended
                   that you consult the "What to Bring" topic, way down the
                   page at:


                * Potential break-out discussions about interest-group

                * Informal PGP key signing

                * Talking, chatting, blathering, etc, etc.

       4:00 pm        End of meeting


GSLUG meetings are held regularly on the second Saturday of the month
at 10 AM, currently at North Seattle Community College.

Meeting announcements are posted to the gslug-announce mail list.
To receive reminders for future GSLUG meetings and notice of other
GSLUG activities, you are invited to join the list at:


Directions, agenda, and presenters' bios will also be posted on
the GSLUG website, on the home page and at:


You are invited to join the gslug-general discussion list at:


A message board alternative may be found at:


And a new wiki site is at:



  -- The GSLUG Crew

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