SPUG: Perl Tk book advice request

Jay Scherrer jay at scherrer.com
Wed Sep 29 18:10:18 CDT 2004

I had found the site (was scriptics) <www.tcl.tk>
very useful. They actually had a Perl::Tk wysywig templater. Another 
site emerging is <http://www.perltk.org>. Another interesting fact is 
that Active state is backing Tcl/Tk quite a bit. 

On Wednesday 29 September 2004 02:01 pm, tom Coleman wrote:
> List,
> I've recently written tetris as part of the perl QOTW, it was in
> ascii.  My clients did not appreciate the %%, ** and ## "colored"
> shapes, they complained of headaches.  wimps, they should be happy
> it's not on teletype.
> So I wrestled with the Perl Tk module, and have something working. 
> However there is a lot of punting going on.  ( try this, try that,
> tweak this, hey it works! stop tweaking )  I'd like to understand
> what I have working.
> The O'Reilly book on Perl/Tk is falling short of what I want.
> Can you suggest a book / tutorial to learn Perl/Tk?  Perhaps I need
> to focus on Tk alone first.
> thank you,
> tom
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