SPUG: Meetings at Amazon

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Fri Sep 24 01:01:52 CDT 2004

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Ken Meyer wrote:

> Whoa there!  The idea of using wireless would be to be completely
> independent of anything Amazonian -- not to expose Amazon's network to the
> wireless world as you seem to be suggesting.  Simply, bring your laptop, or
> whatever box, plug it into the projector, fire up the 802.11 PC card, screw
> in the patch antenna, wave it around, and Presto!  You are on the air with
> no obligation or connection to Amazon.  Is that bad?

To do so without the consent of Amazon officials would not be polite in my
opinion. It may appear independent, but we would be on their turf.

> IMHO, the primary founder and initial driver of Seattlewireless was Ken
> Caruso, who in fact rented the space down in Georgetown where the meetings
> were held when they had "general membership" meetings.  In the recent past,
> I think that Ken has been working for a Portland company and is out of town
> a lot.  Casey Halverson was another key player, but you won't learn any of
> that talking to the Big Matt Am.  Flickenger arrived on the scene from CA
> much later.

I didn't understand the point you were making, but Mr. Collier is well
acquainted with the SWN folks and a recognized contributor to the group.

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