SPUG: Meet at amazon.com Pac-Med office?

Rizvi, Ali rizvi at amazon.com
Thu Sep 23 12:03:46 CDT 2004

I think it would be awesome to have the meeting at Amazon. I am an amazonian and ofcourse, I am biased by my laziness to travel far but as far as I know Laziness is one of the virtues of a perl hacker. :-)

I am looking forward to attend the first meeting at PacMed soon.

Thanks for all the effort on the organizers part to make it happen.


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C.J. Collier, a longtime SPUG member and recent new hire at amazon.com, has done all the footwork to provide SPUG the opportunity to hold our monthly meetings in the A/V room at the amazon.com Pac-Med office (near the I-5 & I-90 interchange). The arrangement would be similar to the years we met at Safeco tower in the U-district (visitor sign-in, escort to meeting room). C.J. is offering to sponsor our group in meeting there and will be our representative (ambassador?) to the company (like Dora Choi was for Safeco).

So, what do folks think about this?

Some information I already know folks will need include: access from freeway, parking availability nearby, size of room, projector, Internet access, nearby food/drink establishments for pre- and post-meeting activity. C.J. will try to provide some of that when he has a chance. I'll work on gathering some of this information next week when I'm back in town. What else do folks need to know (as if the location wasn't enough)?


(We're tentatively lining things up to meet there for our 19 October meeting. We are still welcome to meet at Geospiza for the foreseeable

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