SPUG: Sep 11th, 2004 GSLUG Meeting: Version Control; Keeping Your Linux Box Patched

Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Fri Sep 10 13:33:08 CDT 2004

The September 2004 Greater Seattle Linux Users Group (GSLUG) meeting
will be held this Saturday, September 11th, starting promptly at 10:00 AM
on the North Seattle Community College campus.

Please feel free to forward this announcement as appropriate.


    We are confirmed to use room IB 3319.  For directions, see the meetings
    page:  http://www.gslug.org/meeting.html


The presentation topics will be:

    * 10:00am - Version Control Systems: An Introduction
                       Brian Bassett

    Ever want to contribute to a free software project, only to be baffled
by the
    management of files by the development team? Have you been told to put
    something in CVS, but have been unable to distinguish your check-ins
    your check-outs? This talk will discuss basic version control concepts
and will
    focus on the strengths, weaknesses, and basic user-level experience with
    four of the main version control systems used today in the free software
    community: CVS, Subversion, Bitkeeper, and GNU Arch (with a side trip
    down memory lane with RCS/SCCS). The slides for the talk are available


          Brian Bassett's Bio:

    Brian Bassett is a software engineer specializing in release management
    the Linux operating system.  He has worked as a developer on the Debian
    GNU/Linux distribution for seven years and acts as a release manager for
    a number of free software projects, most notably the NJS JavaScript
    Interpreter, for which he is also the lead developer.


    * 11:15am - Keeping your Linux System Patched
                       Jarod C. Wilson

    Concerned about keeping your Linux system up to date? Want to install
    additional software, but you keep running into dependency hell? We'll
    examine some of the utilities that are available for popular
    that can take care of these very things for you automatically.

         Jarod Wilson's Bio:

    I've been using Linux since 1997, circa Red Hat Linux 4.2 and very early
    LinuxPPC releases. Only dabbled mostly, until the Red Hat Linux 6.2 era,
    when I got a job somewhere that used Red Hat extensively. I worked
    there for about two years, towards the tail end of which I took the
    Red Hat Certified Engineer exam (and passed the first try -- this test
    no joke; it ain't the MCSE).

    I also maintain a little HOWTO document for setting up a MythTV box
    running on Fedora Core 1 (soon to be FC2).


    As for my personal choice of Linux distribution, yes, I'm pretty much a
    Red Hat guy, love it or hate it. Almost all my professional work with
    Linux has been with Red Hat, so I'm just comfortable with it. I like
    Gentoo and SuSE quite a bit also though. I've tried umpteen other
    distributions, but those are my favorites.


    The typical GSLUG meeting agenda is as follows:

       10:00 AM       First Presentation

       11:00 AM       Break

       11:10 AM       Raffle Quiz

       11:15 AM       Second Presentation

       12:15 PM       Break

       12:30 PM       Raffle prizes giveaway

       12:35 PM       GSLUG announcements and business, including
                            discussion of potential future presentation

                	        Announcements from attendees

                	        Requests for assistance with trouble-shooting and
                            installations desired during the ensuing

       1:00 PM-ish    Formal meeting is adjourned; Workshop and
                             social networking opportunities begin,

                * Installation and trouble-shooting assistance

                   For recommendations on preparations to maximize the
                   probability of a successful outcome, it is recommended
                   that you consult the "What to Bring" topic, way down the
                   page at:


                * Potential break-out discussions about interest-group

                * Informal PGP key signing

                * Talking, chatting, blathering, etc, etc.

       4:00 pm        End of meeting


GSLUG meetings are held regularly on the second Saturday of the month
at 10 AM, currently at North Seattle Community College.

Meeting announcements are posted to the gslug-announce mail list.
To receive reminders for future GSLUG meetings and notice of other
GSLUG activities, you are invited to join the list at:


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  -- The GSLUG Crew

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