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          March 2004 Seattle Perl Users Group Meeting
       Title: Perl Debugger Introduction
     Speaker: Andrew Sweger

       Title: Lightning Talk, CD Library Kiosk Project
     Speaker: Lee Colleton

Meeting Time: Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2004 7-9pm
    Location: 4013 Stone Way N [see notes below]

        Cost: Admission is free and open to the general public.
        Info: http://seattleperl.org/

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About the talk:

An introduction to the basic functions of the perl debugger, covering:

 * stepping in, over, around, and through code
 * getting back to where you were quickly after making changes
 * quickly zeroing in on logic errors

If time permits, a demonstration of ddd, the Data Display Debugger, a
graphical debugger frontend, and how it works, or rather how it doesn't
work (I think something not setup quite right on my machine). Doesn't
matter, sometimes I hate GUIs unless they actually let me work faster than
in a terminal.

About the speakers:

Andrew Sweger is a Perl expert of six years and all around jack-of-all-
trades (computer or otherwise). His personal goal is to live on some quiet
acreage up north with at least 3Mbps of unlimited bandwidth, a 20kW diesel
power generator, and a lot of fuel.

Lee Colleton, well I don't really know much about him, other than his
nefarious plan to infest libraries with machines that spew software

Pre- and Post- Meeting Activities

Sorry. This completely falls through the cracks this month. Post-meeting
activities will be at the discretion of attendees.

Location, Location, Location

Many thanks to Peter Darley and his collegues for providing the location
of this months SPUG meeting. The office is located near the Fremont
neighborhood on Stone Way just north of 40th Street. It is right next door
to the Zie Hair Salon which has a sign visible from the street and the
Fremont Dance Studio is on the other side. The building is kitty-corner to
the Safeway. It looks basically like a red house. The office is located on
the second floor. There should be plenty of street parking near by, but
there aren't any parking lots that we can use.

Via I-5, exit at 45th Street as if going to the University District and
head West (away from the university and toward Wallingford). Turn left on
Stone Way (McDonalds on NW corner of intersection). Go just over five
blocks. The office is on your right.

Via Aurora/Hwy 99 (Northbound from South of the ship canal), take the
first exit after the ship canal bridge (signed for one or more of Bridge
Way, 40th St, Stone Way). Follow Bridge way which veers Northwest. Left at
the light (Stone Way). Office is one block on the left.

Via Aurora/Hwy 99 (Southbound from North of 45th Street), turn left
(East) on 45th Street, then right on Stone Way (at the McDonalds). Go just
over five blocks. The office is on your right.

Did I miss anything? Oh, the web site! I gotta figure out what to do with

Andrew B. Sweger -- The great thing about multitasking is that several
                                things can go wrong at once.

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