SPUG:30% off EarlyBird price for TPC

Damian Conway damian at conway.org
Wed May 21 15:35:09 CDT 2003

Tim wrote:

> Register for the Perl Conference by Friday and save lots of money!

I'd just like to add a little insider information. I was talking with Nat 
Torkington, and he mentioned that in previous years registrations have been 
sluggish, so O'Reilly has usually extended these kinds of early-bird discounts 
well past the "official date". People may have gotten into the habit of 
delaying their decision to attend OSCon on that basis.

Apparently this year ORA's getting very good numbers, so the early-bird 
discount *won't* be extended at all. So if you are planning on taking 
advantage of the discount, you'll need to grab it in the next few days.


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