SPUG:SpamAssassin with Exchange

Dahlke, Doug DFDahlke at shieldsbag.com
Tue May 13 12:38:30 CDT 2003

Thanks Jeremy.

I'm using activestate version 5.61.  Unfortunately I'm having difficulty
in getting Mail-SpamAssassin package with both VPM and PPM or PPM3.  It
says the PPD doesn't exist for that version.  I have downloaded Saproxy
which is a perl -> exe product.  Everything in this seems to work
somewhat, but I'm getting a problem from Outlook complaining that user
dougd:sbpnt2 on the local machine has an incorrect password.. Something
isn't getting parsed right I think.  I looked on the Spamassassin.org
site and don't see anything in the FAQs about this.  Out of the 1000
emails I get a week, I'd say a 1/3 of them are spam..   The code in the
first link would work, but I can't get the package apparently.  Any
ideas for other links for that other than Active State?  Thanks


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From: Jeremy Kahn

Dahlke, Doug wrote (and I gratuitously edited):

>Seems I'm always running into a dead end.. I've always wanted to try 
>SpamAssassin ... Exchange.  ... Outlook 2002 under Office XP on XP.
I checked Perlmonks, which has several  interesting threads on this

http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=193065 ("A 
SpamAssassin-Enabled POP3 Proxy")

http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=195210 ("SpamAssassin IMAP 
client for exchange")

http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=230957 ("Perl Internet Proxy 
for Windows")

Hope that helps. I don't know if any of this is specific to your needs, 
but it was an interesting research/diversion for me.


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