SPUG:Open Source Recruiters?

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Wed May 7 00:55:22 CDT 2003

"Marc M. Adkins" <Marc.M.Adkins at doorways.org> writes:

>> Do you have *historical* data on the 2 year survival rate of these
>> businesses. 50% could be the 20 year average for this metric.
> Nope.  This was all off-the-cuff questions.  And while it could be the 20
> year average, I bet it wasn't the 10 year average over the last decade of
> the 20th century.

I'd bet so, too. I was wondering what the baseline was because I've
heard that the headhunting businesss is one that's already got a high
churn, so I was wondering how far it was above that baseline.

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