SPUG:Open Source Recruiters?

Marc M. Adkins Marc.M.Adkins at Doorways.org
Mon May 5 11:37:58 CDT 2003

> I didn't get much of a response on this so I'll ask a related
> question.  Can anyone recommend a good recruiter?

So far as I know the current ratio of jobs to 'applicants' for a recruiter
is on the order of 1:100.  Which pretty much means that even a 'good'
recruiter is the equivalent of a lottery ticket.

On an unrelated but equally telling note, something like 50% recruiting
companies listed on the tax rolls two years ago have either gone out of
business, changed names, or been bought or merged since then.  The shakeout
in their business rivals or exceeds the shakeout in ours.


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