SPUG: paper on Annealing/Condensing of Abstract Data

Fred Morris m3047 at inwa.net
Sun Jul 27 17:30:17 CDT 2003

Ever taken scraps of paper and pushed them around into piles to get a
handle on a large mass of interrelated data?

I wrote a little Perl/Tk program to tackle this problem and applied it to
the information in my Contacts/Events database and also to my intrusion
logs with surprisingly satisfying results:


There's about 3 Megs of images behind it, and that was too much to serve
out of the space my ISP allocates (I've got other important stuff in there
you see), so the pix are served off of my personal server. It should be
accessible to most people most places, but if you can't load the images
drop me a note with what IP address you're coming from and I'll see if I
can fix it.

If there's sufficient interest I'd be happy to give a short talk and demo
at SPUG.


Fred Morris
m3047 at inwa.net

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