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Tue Jul 22 23:23:09 CDT 2003

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 09:07:21PM -0700, Andrew Sweger wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, James Moore wrote:
> [Editor's note: Andrew is in a less than lucid state and may seem a little
> out of focus today.]
> One of the values I'm finding in the Wiki is the interest it earns with
> time. A bad Wiki (one that has a subject without a market[1] or one that's
How about "constituency"?

> hard to use) will have negative interest and lose value with time. But a
> Wiki that can put at least a good nucleus together starts to draw a market
> and positive feedback occurs. People keep contributing. (Of course, at
> some point, we'll need negative feedback too to keep things from running
> amok. That and refactoring.)
> [1] I was going to say audience, but an audience takes a passive role
> (what the MPAA, RIAA, Fox, etc. want). But a Wiki
        helps build a market of ideas and knowledge. 
How about:
        provides a forum for developing a repository of ideas and knowledge

> arguing, troubleshooting, etc. Sometimes the knowledge gets lost and
> sometimes someone captures it for future reference. A Wiki is just a
> convenient community powered knowledge bin.
> You know, market's not quite
> the right word either. What's the word I'm looking for?

I hope the above helps . . .

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