SPUG: SPUG Wiki now Online

SPUG-list-owner tim at consultix-inc.com
Sun Jul 6 11:36:55 CDT 2003


Thanks to SPUGomaniacs Brian Ingerson and Andy Sweger, we now
have a SPUG wiki online!

This would be a good place for each of us to add a page
describing our specialties, hobbies, and showing photos, to
discuss past meetings, to post links to SPUGly presentations we've
made, even (dare I say it), to revitalize a stick-riddle
thread, You want it, you type it, you got it!

As your leader, I'm in charge of the SPUG web page, as you know.
And I'll take an interest in gently guiding the SPUG Wiki into
a usable form, if such a need should arise, but I'll leave it
to the rest of you to design and populate the pages for now.

So get to it!  The URL is spugwiki.perlocity.org

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