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Jennifer Hodgdon jmail at poplarware.com
Thu Jul 3 19:04:10 CDT 2003

Itay wrote: 

>I want to point out that the TeX/LaTeX document preparation system provides
>facilities for building presentations. [snip]

This post back all sorts of memories from when I was in grad school
(10-15 years ago) -- pretty much everyone in science/math fields 
wrote all their papers/dissertations in Tex/Latex.  At the time, 
it was the only way to do reasonable equation formatting (well,
some old-timers were still using nroff/troff, but let's
not go there!).  So, we all got to be pretty good Tex hackers,
writing macro packages that were passed down many generations
of grad students.  Any more recent grads know if it's still
the de facto standard?

Anyway, like Perl, TeX is definitely for the hacker-at-heart,
not the faint-of-heart (and I mean hacker in the sense of a 
lone cowperson programmer, not a breaker-into-computer-systems).  
Which is to say, I recommend it.  Two books to read:
"Tex for the Impatient" (Abrahams, Berry, and Hargreaves) 
if it's still in print, and the reference manual: "The TeXBook" 


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