The Smart List Re: SPUG: Re: File::Find, skipping next directory

Fred Morris m3047 at
Tue Jan 7 01:37:51 CST 2003

Haven't people heard of SmartList?

SPUG-list-owner wrote:
>On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 12:00:46PM -0800, Jeremy Mates wrote:
>> > a 'by-the-way' question; why do we use words like "Zub" or "[s]ub" on this
>> > email list to avoid typing the letters "s", "u", and "b" together?  I
>> > "s?b" just to be different and I'm just asking because my name begins with
>> > these three letters.
>> administrivia       =   yes
>> Is likely enabled in the majordomo config for the list, and should be
>> set to no.  The default check yields a large number of false positives.
>> --
>> Jeremy Mates                              
>I figure that's preferable to reducing the number of "true postitives" to
>*zero*, and having actual attempts to unzubscribe (which happen regularly)
>appear on the list.  But my ultimate plan is to get us switched over to
>the alternate "mailman" list server; I've asked 5 times already, and am
>hoping that the 6th time will be the charm.

Yeah, it's an interesting choice, and all the more interesting because the
procmail list errs in the other direction (and uses mailman). For the life
of me, I can't figure it out. Good thing I know procmail and whatnot, and
don't think list traffic is that important.

Come on, do you really think I'll be unsubscribed? Well then, fine.


Fred Morris
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