SPUG: Boulder (YAML/XML/Bioinformatics redux)

Fred Morris m3047 at inwa.net
Wed Jan 1 03:49:54 CST 2003

Sometimes you have one of those "aha" moments, and it comes out "d'oh!!".

If you've used perl -d on a CGI which in turn uses CGI.pm, you've
interactively entered Boulder data:


Boulder is the format which CGI.pm uses for persistence.

It looks more like YAML than XML.

It was developed by a bioinformatics group; and if you want to know more
about bioinformatics applications for Perl, reading some of the Boulder
docs and looking at some of the add-ons might be informative.

Boulder was developed at least partly to serve as the persistence mechanism
for HTML, an SGML spinoff. Why did they use YAML-like semantics rather than
an SGML derivative? And while all this was going on, the development of
specifications based on SGML for encoding and exchanging large bodies of
information was already being pursued by the government.

I'm not going to assert any earthshaking conclusions based on the
foregoing, I guess that's the point: it's just not new.


Fred Morris
m3047 at inwa.net

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