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Brian Hatch spug at ifokr.org
Thu Jan 30 12:52:19 CST 2003

This is confusing.  I've got a mod_perl site and want to do a simple
perl -c check before pushing the code from stage to prod.  The code
works just fine on the server.  But perl -c dissagrees.  Using the
following (almost completely meaningless) files the problem still

Contents of BriOne.pm:
	use Apache;
	use BriTwo;

Contents of BriTwo.pm:
	use Apache;
	my $s = Apache->server();

$ perl -c BriTwo
BriTwo Syntax OK

$ perl -c BriOne
Can't locate object method server via package Apache (perhaps you forgot 
    to load 'Apache'?) at BriOne.pm line 3.
Compilation Failed in require at BriOne line 3
BEGIN failed.

How can I make that second perl -c not complain?  It shouldn't.  At
least I don't think it should.

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