SPUG:business development support group

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Wed Jan 29 22:15:59 CST 2003

What:  Business Development sub-group meeting
Where: My Ballard home office
When:  Monday 9:30 a.m.

 - Are you looking for work, possibly Perl related?
 - Are you looking to increase your business?
 - Do you have leads that don't help you, but may help someone else?
 - Are you stuck?
 - Could you use some support?
 - Could you support someone else?

I think that too many of us are too stuck.  Alone.  Without a sounding
board.  Chasing the same dead ends.  Not pushing the good leads far
enough.  Holding leads or resources that could help someone else.

Let's work together.

Come prepared to work.  This is a business development meeting!!!

What to prepare for the first meeting:

  An introductory speech
    - Brief biography.
    - Vision statement of your next step.
    - What you'd like to accomplish this week.
    - How you'd like us to support you.
    - What resources or leads you can share with the group.

We'll go around the circle, listen, take notes, make plans, make
suggestions, and disband until the following week at which time we'll
check-in with a progress report, then iterate.

This is "business development", not just job search.  Although I
formed this idea to support the unemployed and underemployed (like
me), I don't want to disband as folks find work.  This kind of support
is helpful to build business regardless of the starting point.
Unemployed is just the degenerate case of business development with a
starting point of zero.  If you're already employed or have contracts,
please feel free to attend even if your next step is not to hire
someone.  Hiring is not the only aspects of business development.

Although I'm seeding this group with SPUG members, feel free to
invite and bring your non-Perl business friends.  More contacts means
more networking and more success.  We can all support each other.

Please RSVP so that I can get directions to you and verify that
there'll be enough space.  If you'd like to participate, but can't
accommodate this schedule, please let me know so that we can include
you in the future.

I'll supply coffee, tea, and some kind of breakfast pastry at 9:30 as
an ice breaker for a 9:45 meeting start.

Come prepared to work.
Come prepared to have fun.
Come prepared to get unstuck.
Come prepared to get results.

Michael R. Wolf
    All mammals learn by playing!
        MichaelRunningWolf at att.net

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