SPUG:Gtk-Perl and Gnome 2, on RedHat 8

Dan Sanderson lists at dansanderson.com
Mon Jan 13 03:20:57 CST 2003

Hey all -

Is Gtk-Perl 0.7008 (the latest) supposed to work with Gnome 2?

I don't see any Gtk-Perl RPMs for RedHat 8, and the RPMs for RedHat 7.3
obviously complain about missing libraries, which I'm pretty sure are
simply not present in Gnome 2 (as opposed to whatever Gnome 1.x RedHat
7.3 uses).

When I try to build Gtk-Perl (through perl -MCPAN or manually using a
download from www.gtkperl.org), linking Gtk.so fails, claiming to be
unable to find several dozen .o files in Gtk/xs/.  Those .o's appear to
have built in Gtk/, but symlinking them into Gtk/xs/ (not necessarily
the right thing to do) results in "Too many levels of symbolic links"
for those files.  I didn't see any other build failures...

Anyone had any luck with Gtk-Perl on RedHat 8?  Anyone know any reason
why it shouldn't work?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

-- Dan

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