SPUG:Damian Conway Corporate Visits?

Damian Conway damian at conway.org
Wed Jan 8 03:56:14 CST 2003

Tim Maher wrote:

   Also, professional schedule permitting, if any group would like to
> invite Damian for a social visit (book signing, recreational
> activity, Toga party, Concorde flight to Maxim's for lunch, etc.),
> that might be possible too! 8-}

In a bizarre coincidence, I downloaded Tim's message whilst sitting here
in the lounge at Heathrow, watching the ground crews de-icing the wings
of a Concorde. And just as I read it, over the PA came the final call
for a BA flight to Paris.


> So please pass on the word about Damian's availability to your
> bosses and colleagues, and get in touch with me if you would like
> to arrange a visit.  He'll be available from  1/11-18, and possibly
> the following week as well.

Now only available 1/12-18.
Yes, indeed: supplies of Damian are run out fast, folks! ;-)

And I'm definitely heading off to Boston the  following week (much as I'd
genuinely love to stay in sunny Seattle).


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