SPUG: interpolating into a string variable

Brian Hatch bri at ifokr.org
Sun Dec 21 00:13:48 CST 2003

> Let's say we have a string variable. In practice it's read in from a file,
> but it could be a constant. And what we want to do is force interpolation
> into it before we use it for something like... ooooh, a regex. So,
> something like this:
>     my $foo_str = 'foo';
>     my $expr = 'a $foo_str happens here';
>     my $interpolated_expr = something magic happens to $expr;
> and then if you print "$interpolated_expr\n"; you would get
>     a foo happens here

my $interpolated_expr;

eval "\$interpolated_expr = \"$expr\"; ";

(Hope I didn't miss any backslashes.)

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