SPUG: not quite random thoughts on the current crop of user groups

Daniel Sabath dan at concolor.org
Mon Aug 25 11:25:32 CDT 2003

Karl. Thanks for the suggestion.  I have them scheduled every two weeks in
the downtown area, but if that is too often just let me know. I did that
scheduling based on feedback during the first one.
The next one is Friday 8/29.

Fred. I have no idea what you mean by copycat lunches. I started it
downtown because i thought it was a good idea and can't make the ballard
ones. One of the things about open source is the community. This is
community building. While I hear your point of view and even agree with
some of it, in this case I think you are barking up the wrong tree. We
would however love to see you show up this friday and help build the


> Personally, I prefer them on weekdays.  But maybe not every week.
> Dan,
> Dim Sum location:
> Sun-Ya Restaurant
> 605 7th S SEATTLE, WA 98104-2907
> No Dim Sum, not fancy, but good restaurant.  My wife Ling and my
> favorite restaurant in Seattle.   Hing Loon Restaurant
> 628 S Weller Seattle, WA 98104
> If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to call.
> Thanks,
> Karl Hartman
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>> As for the OpenSauce lunches, am
>> I mistaken or haven't most of them taken place on weekdays?
> Schedule one and they will come.
> I've arranged two (one coming up Monday at Rosita's in Ballard) and they
> were during the week because on the weekend I am exclusively a daddy,
> and my 3 year old isn't interested in a bunch of geeks.
> If you want to have one on a weekend, announce it and it exists! That's
> all there is to it!
>> and I can't argue with your assertion that you're having fun, I just
>> wonder about what I sense is a certain desperation in it.
> I go because, as a telecommuter, I seldom see anyone outside the GSLUG
> meeting and my daughter's day care.  That probably qualifies as
> 'desperation for human contact.'  Not sure what you're insinuating
> though.  Doesn't seem like anyone else has any desperation aspects to
> it.  Just hanging out with geeks and having food.
>> And then
>> there's the dynamic of all of the copycat lunches, and that's the
>> charismatic model that I was speaking to: that Tim does it, and then a
>>  whole bunch of people do it, and it's not really coordinated.
> I don't see any problem with that.  The first was when Tim and I were
> going to get together anyway and opened it up to anyone interested.
> Guess that was pretty evil of us.
>> A lot of that
>> effort is destined to fail, and is wasted... for my definition of
>> "wasted", of course.
>> (PS, King Street Cafe is much better, foodwise than HoH. But none of
>> it holds a candle to a real Dim Sum Palace in SF.)
> Then schedule one.  You'll probably do better getting SPUGgers if you
> have it north of California.
>> I guess maybe it's me. Yeah, it's me. But I think again you hit it on
>> the head, Tim does something, so other people do something, and
>> without a broader organizational structure a lot of these things don't
>>  end up having much staying power. The failure of the charismatic
>> model  is that there is a very limited amount of Tim to go around.
>> Maybe  people are hoping technology will come to the rescue in the
>> form of  Wikis and whatnot, and I don't know how well that will fare.
> So what's your suggestion?  No one should do anything because if someone
> does something then it's destined to fail.  Got it.
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