SPUG: Debugging methodology (was: How to deal with same name packages?)

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Tue Jan 29 13:52:58 CST 2002

"Pommert, Daniel" <Daniel.Pommert at verizonwireless.com> writes:


> IMHO, TMTOWTDI and you need to look at the culture around you.

Hear! Hear!  

As a guest consultant, I'd weigh that more heavily than any
of my personal preferences.  If I'm following.  If I'm
leading, I may tend toward educating and creating a culture.
For my own domestic code, I still consider it.  It may run
away from me, into the wild, and become feral Perl code in
the public landscape.

I use a metaphor of dancing.  I'm a great dancer (and Perl
coder).  But I base my style on my partner.  We have to look
good *together*.  And, especially if I'm the more
experienced dancer (coder), it's my job to make my partner
look great!!!

Michael R. Wolf
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