SPUG: Apache and Modules

Peter Darley pdarley at kinesis-cem.com
Thu Jan 24 09:36:24 CST 2002

	PerlModule is exactly what I was hoping for.
	Apache::Reload also looks like a great time saver.  I often restart Apache
on my dev machine two or three times a minute while debugging.  Just out of
curiosity, what kind of problems might it cause that would make it a bad
idea for the production machine, or is it just a performance issue?

Thanks to everyone,
Peter Darley

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Hi Peter,


There are two common ways to load up a module before the fork.  The first
is with a 'PerlModule' directive in your apache config file.  Alternatively
you can use a 'PerlRequire' directive, and point it at a Perl script in
which you can do some setup (adjust @INC, load up shared data ...) and
load modules.

I wouldn't use it within a production environment, but Apache::Reload
can be very useful on your devel machine. It reloads modules that have
been modified, no server restart or even kill -1 necessary.
Apache::Reload is a replacement for Apache::StatINC.

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