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Marion Scott Warner warner at oz.net
Thu Jan 17 03:49:36 CST 2002


So thanks for forwarding my email to Chairman Bill. I guess the idea of
"Blue Screen of Death Cafe" accross the street from Bill's office did
seem all that appealing. Have you ever seen the 'Got Milk' commercial?
You know what I use to say at work when everyone got another Windows
or the Blue Screen of Death?
Got Linux? I actually got several converts, go figure.
The only problem with Bill's thinking is that trying to add
security/relability to an Operating
System that has already been written is sort of like trying to turn a
Volks Wagon
into a Rolls Royce. Not going to happen. Security and reliability need
to  be part and parcel
to the initial design of the Operating System, not an afterthought. That
being the case
the OS folks better start from scratch. They could either consider using
Linux or FreeBSD
as a model and go from there. Or forget it and start porting the
applications software to Linux.
The latter would seem to be the most practical considering how long it
takes to write a new OS,
and the Linux Kernel would be that much further along by the time your
OS was complete.
In the event you wish to port I would be more than glad to offer my

So I can help you all out by porting all of your applications to a more
operating system, Linux of course. The future is clear enough from where
I'm sitting.
Evolve or become extinct!
I like Microsoft Applications software OK, but running it on a crappy OS
sort of
defeats the purpose, does it not?
Why do you think Linux has expanded so quickly.
Because there are those of us who have no time for the "Blue Screen of
Death" !!
Reliability/security should not be an after thought in the design of an
OS !
Lets see, I can get a free operating system that is stable, or I can pay
good money
for one that is not. Seems like a no brainer and I bet your Average Joe
eventually figures this out.
Certainly many Corporations have.
So I'm thinking about opening a cafe across the street from the Redmond
What do you think of the name "The Blue Screen of Death Cafe". Pretty
cool eh?

Scott Warner

Heather Hamilton wrote:

> OK, then why are you sending me your resume?
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> From: Marion Scott Warner [mailto:warner at oz.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2002 7:06 AM
> To: Heather Hamilton
> Subject: Senior Software Engineer - Linux/Unix
> So, are there any plans in Microsoft's future to port existing
> applications to Linux?
> Microsoft should really get out of the operating system business and
> stick to something
> they are competent at. I quit using Microsoft products 3 years ago
> because the operating system
> was so unreliable that I could not take seriously using Microsoft
> products in conducting business.
> When your ready to start porting to a real operating system let me
> know.
> Oh, and while you all are
> trying to sue Lindows maybe you should go after MIT as well for
> X-Windows.
> http://sense-warner-200.oz.net/resume.html
> Regards
> Scott Warner

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