SPUG: helping spammers (was: Two errors I need hashing out)

Susanne Bullo sweetsue at sweethomes.com
Wed Jan 16 10:11:41 CST 2002

Oh, wow.  It occurred to me that my project does look like that.  And
coupled with the blacklisting I have right now for the spam flying through
my servers, that looks really bad.  I feel the need to explain the project -
it's not for spamming but rather for a project by a fellow who needs to have
safelist submission automated.  From what I understand (and I went through
and joined several to see exactly how they worked), you must actually join
and wish to join a safelist in order to receive emails from it.  Therefore,
it is requested information and not spam.

I wanted to assure people that I do not condone spam - it's become a pain in
the backside for me as of late what with thousands and thousands of bounce
messages and hundreds of remove messages for things I have no control over.
Trying to completely pinpoint this has been a major headache.

Anyway, I hope I've cleared things up.  I certainly do not want to be
labeled for something I'm not doing.

Susanne Bullo - Sweet Homes

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While I agree that the smart-ass tone of Ken's post was not helpful,
it seems to me that if one has reason to believe that someone posting
on this list is seeking information to be used for some unethical or
illegal purpose, then it is perfectly appropriate to alert the rest
of us to that fact.

I consider spam to be a serious problem, and as part of the internet
community, I believe we have an obligation to do what we can to stop
it -- including ostracizing known spammers from such forums as SPUG.

Again, I'm not defending the exact content of Ken's post: there was
no need to be rude or obnoxious (and I personally would have given
the OP the benefit of the doubt, and *asked* her about the spams
before jumping to conclusions).  But I do think that (well-founded)
accusations of spamming are completely appropriate on this list.

Of course, it's ultimately the moderator's decision what is and is
not off-topic, and if Tim decides that it's none of our business what
a poster chooses to do with the information we share -- even if it's
grossly unethical -- then I will certainly respect that decision.
But while the matter is up for discussion, I wanted to explain why I
(somewhat) disagree with Daryn on this point.


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